Ok...This little project was put together primarily to alleviate a cooling problem regarding the Power Compact tubes in my aquarium canopy. I purchased a small 12v ac/dc transformer and 2x60mm pC cooling fans. (wanted to put three in there but the shop only had two in stock unless I wanted another one with flashing LED's.....not) I wish I could have got the 80mm fans but there is literally no room unless I drill holes in the canopy and make some sort of conduit vents which I'm not prepared to do at this stage.

Small 12v transformer and fans.

The tools I used to perform the DIY job

The first thing I did was to snip off the coupling at the end of the transformer lead (dont need that)

and attach the wires to a small connector block (Black=Ground......Black with white stripe= Live) remember this its important.

Next I joined the two fans together (Blue=Ground........Red=Live)

The next task was to join the whole thing together and test.

BINGO! it actually works, I couldn't believe how beautifully simple this job was and it couldn't have taken me more than half an hour.

Then I proceeded to fit it inside the canopy as neatly a possible, sure pushed for room I can tell you.


PS...This is an old thread I wrote up for another marine based forum, but I'm sure the build can be adopted to suit anyone who is experiencing overheating or the need for heat dissipation with their tanks.