Indoor Koi not eating

22 Feb 2017 23:05 #31 by FR85 (Gavin O'Sullivan)
7.2 on the api kit in the tank, I've not tested out of the tap in a while but I'll run one for you tomorrow....
Winter is a funny time of the year for tap water as the council are spraying all sorts on the roads to combat ice and I'm convinced it leeches into our tap water......I did a water change after the bad snow a few years ago and everything was killed and Ian said he'd heard of a few cases like that. Was living in Maynooth at the time. Whatever it was was instant, everything dead in 20 minutes and plants turned house mate at the time said I made Hitler look like an amateur. You wouldn't be far off the n81 in tallaght where gritters have been out in force would yeh?

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