New pond set up

07 Mar 2019 16:15 #1 by Tancho (Dave Boots)
Hi guys,
I started with a preformed pond a few years ago and caught the pond bug .
Took a year or two before I upgraded to a liner pond (1200L appox) with an inpond filter.
Learned a lot in the process.
But we are moving to a house with a much much bigger garden so the next pond is going to be my last and more focused on koi keeping (and plants).

I think it will be somewhere between 15,000L and 20,000L
Could be bigger but I won't know until I get a feel for the space.

Whats peoples opinions on this Oase setup ?

I would like to keep the pump out of the water if possible.
What would you do if you had a fresh start on your pond?


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08 Mar 2019 14:40 #2 by Jonlate (Jon Late)
Replied by Jonlate (Jon Late) on topic New pond set up
That filter setup is for up to a 20,000 liter pond with fish.
As we all want more fish than we should have, and often over stock, if you do go to a 20,000 liter pond you are right at the top end of the capabilities of that system.

A 20,000 liter pond in 4 meters, by 5 meters, by one meter deep. Is this the size you imagine it to be?

I would fit a drain in the middle of the pond and pipe under the liner up to your filter, as this looks loads nicer than pipes hanging over the edge.
Also fit a over flow pipe, as when it rains it will over fill and has to run off somewhere. If possible connect the overflow flow pipe to your grey water run off, then you don’t need to worry about where it’s going.
I would also build SOME of it above ground, as then you can sit next to it, and saves you digging out so much dirt.
Look into diy filters for ponds this size, it’s often a lot cheaper than pre made ones.
Buy good quality pond liner if you go this route. Or else concrete it and seal it. Someone on this site did this last year, but can’t remem who it was.
Just a few suggestions, I hope other will chip in with other ideas.

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