Sick Koi

25 May 2020 09:20 #1 by cathaloc2 (cathaloc2)
Hi All,

I haven't posted here in a long time,

So I currently have two very Large Koi (20Inch) in my outdoor pond. The Last year one has started to become smaller and stays at the bottom of the pond. I was surprised that it survived winter. I'm guessing its still managing to eat although it never rises anymore.

I have noticed the last week that the sick fish has like a greyish coating over it and have taken the following steps to try and revive the fish:

1 - Full hoover of the tank,
2- 30/40% water change,
3- Filter Clean,
4- Salts topped up,
5- Turned off the UV light and started treating the tank with Tetra Medi Fin and will give it a second treatment after one week,

I then plan to hoover again after treatment, carry out another water change and turn the UV light back on. I have plenty of Aeration. I have not tested the water but have ordered a testing kit. Gold fish in the tank are fine and other larger Koi seems fine. Is there any other treatments which i should be using? any other ideas would be appreciated,



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