Ammonia Spike

10 Jul 2020 21:59 - 10 Jul 2020 22:01 #1 by FR85 (Gavin O'Sullivan)
Hi All,

Hope everyone is safe and well during this time.

I have a 2600 l pond, cloverleaf cl3 4 bay (recent addition) being fed through a Oase 6000 pressure filter purely for UV purposes and an All Pond Solutions 8000 pump along with 2 air stones in the pond and 3 in the jap matting. Media is made up of alfa grog, foam, jap matting, bioballs and brushes along with the foam in the 6000 pressure filter. The cl3 arrived about a month ago to replace a small box filter, the foam media and alfa grog from the old filter was added to the "new" one and all seemed to be dandy. I noticed a small blemish on one of the koi's tails and did a water test today.....

Ammonia .25
Ph 7.6
High range ph 7.4
Nitrite 0
Nitrate about 5.0

Other changes made lately were the addition of new lillies and replanting of old ones.
Might the new compost have triggered a spike?

Filter has taken a hammering to say the least, weekly 10-15% water changes have been happening and feeding hasn't really changed. There are about 6 small koi and two loaches in the pond, while its heavily stocked to a degree there is more then ample filtration give the cl3, 6000, swimskim 25 all in a 2600 l pond.....
Have put a dose of Tetra Medifin in and turned off UV to help with the fin sore, I will try a 3 minute salt bath tomorrow but my question is, daily water changes for the bit of ammonia or add beneficial bacteria or treat the wound and let the filter cycle a bit more. Hard to decide the best course of action!!!
I thought by adding the old media I'd not have had this problem.....we live and learn.....



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