Setting up a marine tank

12 May 2012 17:45 #1 by paulcavan (Paul Gileoold)
First things first.
Decide what filter method you want. The Berlin is best
and you will require plenty of Live rock.
A little mistake people make when using this method is to go
straight for Live rock only.
It best starting off with a biological filter too.
Believe me I know from experience.

Here is a basic way of starting up.

Here is a list of the basic equipment you are going to need.
1 Mechanical/biological filter.
2 At least 1 power head that can turn over the water volume
around 10 times an hour.
3 A Protein skimmer.
4 T5 (minimal) or Metal halide lights. Essential for certain
corals. Certain corals don`t need Metal halide lights but
going into that here. Leave it for a more experienced Marine

1 Empty out all the fresh water and sand from your tank and give it a good rinse.

2 Fill the tank with fresh water (ro is best but not essential yet)and get the temp up to around 24/25c.

3 Start adding your salt.You can prepare the water before but IMO it takes longe and is bit arduous.
Keep checking the water with a hydrometer until you have a SG of betweem 1.021 and 1.024. It can be as high as 1.025 if you have corals but this is best for fish.

4 You can start adding the rocks once the SG is correct.
It cheaper to start with porous ocean/volcanic rock as a base.
Cover this with some live rock and start up your filter/power head and Skimmer. Some say you don`t need the skimmer till you add the fish but you live rock will contain dead animals
and rotten sea weed/corals. Not worth taking a chance plus its
less for your filter to deal with.

5 Leave you tank running for at least 2 weeks. Get some filter
squeezings (marine) from a friend/pet shop. This will speed up
the maturing process. Keep testing the water.
Even though you are buying cured rock you will still get a
Ammonia spike, I did.

6 When you Ammonia and nitrite have reached 0, do a small water change and add your cleaner crew. Snails/Hermot crabs/Cleaner shrimp. Keep testing the water.
Leave your Skimmer running for about 10 hours a day every day.

7 You are now ready to add your first fish. Make sure if you intend keeping corals that your fish is Reef safe.Check out what fish he is compatable with.

8 Clean any Brown algae from the glass/sand rocks.If not it will just keep multiplying. After a while this go and you will
get green algea. I clean this from the glass but not from the rocks. Eventually you will get the purple coraline algae.

9 Best to wait till you have your fish before before adding the corals IMO and don`t rush into things.
Patience is the key. Wait at least 2 weeks-1 month between
adding each fish depending on size and amount of waste produced.

This is us a beginner helping a beginner. I`m sure there are
more experience people here who will help you along the way.
Any problems just pm me and I will send you my number.
Best of luck with your new venture.

This post was wrote in 2007 from a visitor please feel free to add any tips or trick you have used or what you did different

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12 May 2012 22:43 #2 by BlueRam (Sean Crowe)
Couple off Clips i watched tonight great and show how to do almost everything (thanks to Kev for pointing me to these)

Would Suggest anyone setting up a marine nano tank to watch these


Sean Crowe

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Location: Navan

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