Mixing Red Sea and DD Salt

08 Feb 2015 11:33 #1 by iknowkungfu (chris)
I managed to get myself a free full bucket of coral pro red sea salt off a colleague and since I was already using DD ocean salt I thought to get the benefits of both salts when I made up my water I mixed 1/2 of DD to 1/2 of Red Sea. I want to find out can you do this the dd salt is 10.5 alk and red sea had 11.5 and all other things are the same? Anyway I do my weekly small water changes and I noticed my zoas on the top rock dont open up fully all day the bottoms zoas or ok. Could this be a reaction of the two salt mixes in the one bucket or something else. All other corals are ok. Ps I have done larger water changes then I used to about double and also I have been increasing my salinity since my old refractor was broke and my new one read 1.22. thanks

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