Skimmer needed?

29 May 2015 14:36 #1 by Robbieoc (Robbie O'Connor)
I've just started my first nano marine tank . It's currently going through the cycling phase . Live rock & sand is all I have . Lights on for 6 hours a day . Looks perfect & nitrates are spiking to plan. It's a aquanano 30 with the ai prime led for when corals are introduced .
Is a skimmer required ?
Is there any other equipment etc worth purchasing ?
Marine is costing allot more than my planned tropical & when I introduce live stock I want to make sure they stay alive!

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18 Jul 2015 22:25 #2 by tetdiscus (Maritess McCarthy)
Hello, im new to reef keeping.. In my limited experience.. I suggest getting a quality heater. A protein skimmer is very helpful when keeping corals. But if you dont want a skimmer, try Seachem Purigen... A hydrometer is a must, although i use Refractometer for reliability in checking S.G. /salinity. A Marine test Kit for Ph, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, Kh-Alkalinity, Magnesium, Calcium-for these i use Red Sea and Jbl. A good quality marine salt. If you're going for coral route, better use a reef salt-there are good brands out there.

It's a daunting task at first.. But its worth the effort especially when your fish start to eat from your hands :-)

P. S. Have at least a couple of buckets, i got mine in Tesco.

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