Filtration and Lights

30 Oct 2011 15:44 #1 by Lucian (Lucian)
Hi everyone,

i'm in the process to set up a marine tank. it's 180 litre juwel Rio tank. i already have an external eheim filter, an 18 watt uv unit. after a bit of reading around here it seems that the best thing to do is a sump. the only thing is that i have limited space in the unit that came with the tank. but because i have my bigger tank beside the small one i am considering puting the sump in the other press. so the measurments for the sump would be h50, 35/35. i'm just wondering if this would work for me.

as for the lighting i have the old one that came with the tank, with 2xT5. is this enough for the marine setup or i'm goin to have to add one or two more bulbs?

thank u

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