Jewel bioflow filter.

10 Aug 2018 22:25 #1 by Tilikum (Jessica Kelly)
Hi everyone, I'm new so I'm sorry if I'm writing this in the wrong place.

I'm hoping someone can help me try to figure out what is wrong(or not wrong) with my filter, I have the jewel Trigon 190 with the jewel bioflow built into the tank, I bought this aquarium secondhand around 4 months ago.

The thing that's been bothering me is that on the instructions and anything I can see online seems to show that you shouldn't have to remove the pump to be able to get to the filter media, and also that the heater should fit in nice and neatly behind the pump so that it's all nice and hidden, well I can not seem to fit the heater in behind the pump at all and I have to remove the pump to be able to pull out the filter media baskets.

The videos I see online show the black plastic wall inside the filter, on one side is the pump and on the other the filter sponges, in my aquarium the black plastic wall bit does not reach up as far as in the clips online so basically my pump sticks over into the sponge side so the I can't pull out my filter media without the pump getting in the way, it's nothing faulty with the filter or anything like that, I have checked everything.
The pump is the jewel eccoflow 600, it's a new pump the one that came with the aquarium burnt out after a couple of weeks, it's not the wrong pump or anything its just a newer model of the original.
The aquarium has cycled, I am still dealing with some brown algae but the water tests good everytime so I'm not concerned that the pump isn't working, it's annoying me because I was thinking of adding the baskets of cirax that I would have to buy separately but are recommend for use in the filter, but I don't see how I'm supposed to fit it in because I won't be able to fit my top layer of sponges on top of the basket because the pump will be in the way!

I have searched loads online but I haven't come across anyone else having this issue.

Is there anyone out there that is familiar with this filter, it is a secondhand aquarium so I'm thinking it's an older model jewel bioflow filter if that makes any difference.

Sorry for the long and confusing post, I'm just trying to explain everything.
Any advice is really appreciated, this has been driving me mad for the last couple of months now.

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17 Aug 2018 17:00 #2 by davet (Dave Treacy)
Hi have the same setup only mine is a Vision 180 which I've had for 10 years now. The same pump only difference being when my pump failed I replaced it with a Hydor for a few quid less than the Juwel 600 but totally compatabile.

Have you checked by removing all the media tray and pump plus heater if there is something at the bottom cannister that stops it sitting the whole way in dividing wall, The wall should be almost flush with the top of the cannister.

There are different base adapters on that pump to use with different Bioflow filters. I suspect the one you may have on it is the wrong one and making the pump sitting up high and jutting into the media side.

Maybe add some pictures of the setup to help us see a bit better. Also something you should look at doing would be to change the order the media is installed in the filter and not waht you see on the Juwel manual. Go onto YouTube and search for Pimp my Filter 6


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17 Aug 2018 20:52 #3 by Tilikum (Jessica Kelly)
Hi and thanks for the reply, I have checked everything in the filter there's nothing blocking it or anything like that, I understand that there is different base adapters on it, the one I have is the more sqaure shaped one with the rounded side not the diamond shaped one if that makes sense.

I have attached photos so if you can see what i mean...I can't get the fiter media out when the pump is in.
As you can see in the photos there is a lot of space on top of the filter baskets that I should be able to fill but don't see how.. if I was to put in the cirax media baskets then I would not be able to put the top media baskets in because the pump is in the way.

I have actually watched that pimp my filter video and ya I don't use the jewel set up that's recommend, I just use the jewel fine and course sponges, I don't bother with the carbon sponges or the nitrax I just bought more fine sponges and added them instead, I don't like the idea of replacing the carbon sponges all the time and I think the nitrax sponge is a waste of money.

Could I just fill a bag of cirax or something similar and sit it on top of the filter media or would it have to be more in the middle or of the filter?

Oh and please ignore how dirty the floss is on top its due a clean.

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Yesterday 12:02 #4 by Pat (Pat Coogan)
Hi Jessica
You are right. I had the same setup and always had to remove the pump to change the filter media.
I eventually removed the whole filter (box and all) and set up an external.
I was sick and tired of having brown muck flow out into the tank every time I did maintenance on the filter. On my Jewel 180 I was able to get the heater in that came with the tank but not new heaters that I bought as they all seemed slightly wider.

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Yesterday 12:20 #5 by davet (Dave Treacy)
Right that is completely different to what I expected to see and compared to mine as attached so I'm drawing a blank. You might check Jewels own pages or even YouTube for the Bioflow internal that you have. On the pimp my filter I just matched the install method he used. Ceramic bottom then Carbon, fine then medium and coarse at the top. Pump output is heaps better since doing it that way.

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Yesterday 21:03 #6 by Tilikum (Jessica Kelly)
Ya I have tried looking extensively online but can't find any filter set up like mine, I'm glad to hear Pat had the same setup because I was sure that there was something missing or wrong with mine.

Hi Pat, I also find it fustrating removing the pump everytime just to rinse the floss because then I have to keep adjusting the rubber ring around the pump outlet to make sure the pump doesn't vibrate, just a nuisance and surprising for a jewel product, I really thought that there had to be something wrong with it because it seems so finiky.
Do you mind me asking how long ago it was that you had that filter, I'm asking because I'm thinking it is an older design that jewel might have improved on since, I haven't a clue how old my tank is as it was secondhand and I didn't think to ask the seller.

And I agree Dave I will in the future replace some sponge with a type of ceramic media, I'm just waiting for my tank to mature a while longer because it is fairly new and I have had a few issues with the cycle so I'll leave it to mature for now.

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