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21 Sep 2011 21:29 - 21 Sep 2011 21:48 #1 by Valerie
This is a tutorial to show how to upload or link pictures on a post.

SECTION 1 : If your picture is less than 1MB :

1 - Make sure you know where to find the picture on your computer
2 - Click on "Add File" below the editor (the box where you enter the post's text)
3 - Locate the file in the dialog box and click on "Open"
4 - 2 new buttons will appear next to the "Add File" button : "Remove File" and "Insert"
5 - Position the cursor where you want the picture to appear in the text and click on "Insert"
6 - Some code will appear in your post (do not alter it, otherwise the picture will not show)
Example :
7 - Repeat from step 2 to insert another picture

SECTION 2 : Link from photobucket (Better to resize your picture to a max size of 1MB otherwise it takes the users longer to upload the picture when reading the post) - you can easily resize them with some program such as the Microsoft Photo Editor.

1 - Create an account on www.photobucket.com (or log in if you already have an account)
2 - Click on the green button "Upload now"
3 - On the new page, on the top right, select the correct folder if you have different ones
4 - Then, click on the green button "Select photos and videos"
5 - Select the picture(s) you want to upload from your computer (note : use SHIFT+left mouse click to select a block of files, use CTRL+left mouse click to select several files)
6 - Click "Open" on the bottom right of the dialog box
7 - Photobucket.com will upload the picture(s) (progress bar).
8 - Once the upload is completed, click on the blue button "Save and continue to my album"
9 - Hover with your mouse over the picture you want to insert in your post
10- Click on the field showing the "Direct Link" - the field will briefly change to "Copied", which means that the necessary code has been copied to your clipboard (Note : do not copy anything else until you have pasted it in your post, otherwise, it will be erased from your clipboard).
11- Create a new post, go to the editor (the box where you enter the post's text)
12- Position the cursor where you want to enter the picture
13- Click on the "Image Link" icon in the toolbar, above the editor box - that is the icon showing a picture with a couple of chain links.
14-New fields will appear between the toolbar and the emoticons
15-Enter the size of the picture in the "Size" field (it depends on the size of the original picture - as an example, the photos in the photo competition posts are set to 500). If you leave it blank, it will be the same size as the original
16- Go to the "URL" field, press CTRL+A (shortcut for select all) and then CTRL-V (shortcut for paste).
17 - Press on the "Insert" button - some code will be added to your post (do not alter it, otherwise the picture will not show)
Example :
[img size=500]http://i305.photobucket.com/albums/<your_file_name>.jpg[/img]
18- In order to preview your post before you submit it for publication, refer to section 3 of this post.


Once you have written your post, make sure your link is correct.
You can preview the post by clicking on one of the preview icons in the toolbar – the post (and the picture will appear either below or beside the editor (where you enter the text).

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14 Mar 2015 09:34 #2 by rudycat
Can I upload a picture from my phone?

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14 Mar 2015 11:03 - 14 Mar 2015 12:08 #3 by JohnH
As long as it's under 1mb in size, otherwise the best route is the picture-hosing site (like photobucket).

You could try something like this:

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