JBL Proscan water tests

10 Jan 2016 21:30 #1 by Jim
JBL Proscan water tests was created by Jim
Has anyone else tried these?

Got them in Seahorse for €14 for 24 sticks - they test 7 parameters in one go - which makes it 8cents per test.

I'm fairly colour blind (just ask my wife whether her Christmas present was pink or orange) - this uses a free app on your phone to calibrate the test sticks against a card and do the reading for you - which you can then share or export off the phone.

I've tried it on a few of my tanks and it looks like the results come out pretty much where I'd expect.

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10 Jan 2016 22:06 #2 by robert
Replied by robert on topic JBL Proscan water tests
Hi just had a look at this on google/utube, the one problem as far as I would be concerned is that it doesn't measure ammonia which to me is the most important perameter

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