Catfish - free to a good home

05 Jun 2018 14:53 #1 by PompeyBill (Killian Walshe)
Hi All, we have a tank in work that has been neglected due to workload and people leaving. I am now thinking of getting rid of it and its inhabitants as it is not fair on them to keep them. There are 4 catfish in the tank at present and a couple of tetras (all were donations from people in the company who bought them and then didn't want them any more!). I am not a catfish expert, but I believe they are:

A Striped Raphael Catfish (about 6 inches I'd say)
2 Upside Down catfish (about 2 inches and 4 inches)
And I am not sure what species the last one is! (about 2 inches)

I am giving them away for free to a good home. Full disclosure: the tank that these were in was not receiving regular water changes, maintenance etc., so I am not sure how healthy they are, although they have all been alive and surviving for 3-4 years - I just want to let anyone interested just in case they cause issues in their tank or don't survive for long.

The office is based in Citywest. I do have any bags etc to give them away in so if the person taking them could provide something to transport them in it would be great!

Please PM me, or reply here if interested.

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