Photo Competition : Rules and Guidelines

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The competition is open to all registered forum members, club members or not.

The start of the competition and the deadline are posted on the forum by means of posts/front page news/email. Once the deadline has lapsed, the photos will be uploaded on a public post by a Forum Administrator and the registered forum members, club members or not, can vote by PM as instructed.

The winner’s Forum username will be confirmed by the means of a public post shortly after the closing of the votes.


• Only 1 photo* may be submitted by each individual entrant.
*(Edit, this has been extended now and up to three photos per entrant is acceptable)

*nb, for the time being this has been amended and now no more than three entries per entrant can be made.
• Photos must be the individual work of the named entrant, can have been taken anywhere and must not have been previously published either on this Forum or anywhere else either online or otherwise.
• Photos should be submitted in jpeg format.
• The size of each photograph entered should preferably be a maximum of 1MB.
• Photographs should not exceed 1024 pixels on the longest side i.e. 1024x768 pixels

Photos should be submitted by email as instructed. Please include the forum user-name in the submission.

The organisers will subsequently request full resolution versions of the winning images, to enable re-production in print or on-line materials and also to ensure that the said entry is the property of the entrant who submitted it (sorry for having to set this condition - but, unbelievably, people have resorted to cheating by submitting images from other sources, copied and pasted as entries here).

Digital editing is limited to cropping, resizing, contrast adjustment and sharpening (No photo-shop altering). Frames are allowed.

EDIT: I am not sure how - or when - the Rule which states that a competitor may not vote for his or her own entry disappeared but please be assured that this has been the case for as long as these Competitions have been running.


The prize will vary from one competition to another and will be forwarded to the winner upon final decision.


Users from abroad are more than welcome to participate ; however, the prize can only be given to a user located in Ireland.

Subsequent use of photographs

Winning photos will be displayed on the website and Facebook group page. .

The website reserves the right to use submitted photos, without restriction, for display and promotion purposes, and in its printed and online publications and information material.

Any relationship entered into is binding in honour only.

If you have any question, please contact an Administrator.

Organisers' decisions are final
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