Hello Fish People!

27 Apr 2019 09:01 #1 by Ch4lkie (Dom White)
My name is Dominic and I live in County Cork.

Currently my office is my Fish Room and I have bred some Betta Fish and Albino Corydora. The Bettas are now just over 2 Months Old and almost ready to sell. The Corydora are still tiny babas.
I regularly go to Hanleys on the Kinsale Roundabout as my "Go-To" Fish Store in Cork and I am open to suggestions for new places.

If you wanna contact me my instagram is the most checked social I have.

I also have a YouTube Channel which you can find by searching "Dominic White Fish". I filmed some of my Fish and created a nice relaxing couple of videos. Haven't uploaded anything recently cause I've been too busy, but I hope to get back to editing videos soon.

PS. Once I get back to editing if anyone has a cool Fishroom feel free to DM me and I'll make a video :D

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