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04 Apr 2017 11:51 #1 by Bill
Bill created the topic: Great news!
Thought I would share what is great news for some us in the fish keeping hobby.
Last year a Japanese team went to Bangka Island in Indonesia to see if they could find Parosphromenus deissneri - the original Liquorice Gourami - but even although they searched hard it couldn't be found anywhere. They declared the species extinct.
Personally, and in the view of others, I thought this was a rather premature announcement. However, Went­ian Shi recently visited Bangka (P. deissneri is endemic to Bangka) with the aim of making a thorough search. He visited all known - recorded and non-recorded - sites and found them all destroyed beyond repair and already partially planted with Palm Oil. He did, however, after intense searching, find a peat black water swamp site that so far remains undisturbed and never visited by anyone else; he also found the long lost Parosphromenus deissneri.
A breeding programme will be set up to ensure their survival and hopefully this species will return to the trade in a few years.
Please be aware that you will still find P. deissneri being offered for sale, but they will not be, as has been the habit for several years now. Another Paro has been discovered along with it although it isn't yet clear if it is a new species or a variety.
Photographs of the fish can be seen on the Parosphromenus Project website. Anyone interested in these little gems are encouraged to join the project, free of charge, and help to save this wonderful genus of fish.

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