aquarium safe silicone

15 Jul 2016 12:58 #1 by jimmyhamster (Jimmy Henry)
You may already know were to source fish safe clear silicone
but for anyone who does not I just thought I would share this.
I recently needed to make some small fish tanks for fry etc,
but found it very difficult to find transparent silicone in Ireland
that had no added fungicides and was not too expensive .
Although Trans 7 is good for making repairs on leaky tanks, its not for making tanks
as I discovered and is really expensive
So after pulling a lot of hair out and searching all the local shops, and shop on line in Ireland, I gave up and decided to check UK outlets
and immediately found a company that have HA6 aquarium safe silicone and they
ship cheaply and extremely quickly.They take paypal and its at your door within 2 working days if you order at the start of the week.
it costs € 3.20 euro and the shipping is around the same
I paid just over €6 euro for a tube after shipping. I have since ordered 3 tubes and again the shipping was just over 3 euro so around 13 quid is a super deal for 3 tubes and shipping costs.
here's a link if anyone is interested and needs to buy a tube or 2 type in HA6 Marine into the search box

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