Setting up a small tank for youngest son.

14 Aug 2017 11:06 #1 by Dom67 (Dominic Neale)
Good morning, hope that you are all well.

Setting up a small (for cichlids) aquarium for my youngest. It was going to be in his bedroom, but after calculating the weight of the thing decided not to test his floorboards with 300kg.

Now the tank is 70x50x50cm and is 175l. I set it up last Wednesday and just have Aragonite sand and Yellow Taihu Stone in it, Water is now clear and I am using Seachem Stability to speed up cycling. Following instructions and will wait for the 7 days and then test water and if ok add fish.

After the egg crate, rocks and Sand have been added the actual volum of the tank is down to 140l.

I am obviously restricted on cichlid choice due to the tanks small size, but will I be able to get away with lake Tanganyikan or lake Malawi cichlids?

PS have gone over kill on filtration and am running eheim pro 4+ 600. So filtration will not be an issue.


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