Specialist Cichlid Breeders

10 Feb 2019 12:03 #1 by Toffeetop (Joe Christie)
Hi guys

Do we have any specialist Cichlid breeders in ireland or notable aquatic stores? I am interested in the following fish. Also I will be driving from Belfast to Limerick this week so any good places en route would be helpful.

Pseudotropheus acei (Yellow tail Acei)
Pseudotropheus perspicax orange/red cap

A. Stuartgranti Usisya hongi Island (Steveni)*
A. Koningsi (Mbenji, Blue Regal)
A. Hueseri (Midnigt)
A. Stuartgranti Cobue
A. Stuartgranti Ngara (Flametail)
A. Chitande masinje

Protomelas taeniolatus Red (Super Red Empress)


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