Off to the airport!

12 Sep 2012 07:46 #1 by ipcompto (Ian Compton)
Jumped out of bed early today as will be arriving in a few hours man says the fish look beautiful well he'd better not be lying the 200 x 4 inch africans better be nice looking forward to seeing them and all the discus....but the devil cats i cant wait to get me hands on them so fingers crossed murphys law has a habit of scuttling favourites...the mekong cats better not be fully grown by the time i get them too....Peru hopefully in two weeks....hope piranha fry dont hatch today got some much to do..still have two pallets of ornaments to unpack a fish house to get ready even though i have cleared one entirely to house this shipment.....jesus busy busy just like the old days......i sent off for a quote for an 8 foot by four foot acrylic circular tank 5700 litres will probably cost an arm and both legs but we shall see will have to start saving none the less.....A customer gave me the most stunning xxxxl guppies im gona keep and breed them moscow blacks included and females as big as your finger....about 50 of much for extreme fishkeeping...ah well if u love fish u gotta love em all...i suppose this is my feminine side coming to the fore front...anyways the shop is so well stocked that its hard to move about i bought 36 fluval edges and chi's the other day and a 18 x 60 litre tanks...i need more the plan is ?I think i will take a good look at the place and change it round and maybe add another module to out with pen and paper....phase two....plans a hatching u gotta think big everyone loves a trier....
Have a nice day every body mine is going to be long long long but bring it onnnn!

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12 Sep 2012 10:30 #2 by BillG (Bill Gray)
Happy days Ian, hope your wee monsters arrive safe and sound! thats some acrylic tank, should not cost much more that a couple of thousand :) From the dimensions you mentioned, its not too clear, is it 8' tall and 4' diameter, or the other way around? either way a damn impressive tank. No doubt you plan on filligh such a tank with hundreds of guppies too :whistle:

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12 Sep 2012 11:16 #3 by sheag35 (Seamus Gillespie)
interesting to see how your monsters arrive, keep us informed ian

Fishkeeping the Only way to get wet and wild

currently 25 tanks, and breeding is the aim of everything i keep

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