New deliveries

07 Dec 2012 09:48 - 10 Dec 2012 09:04 #1 by ipcompto (Ian Compton)
Aquatic Village has a full house with new plants arriving from Dennerle today thats two big shipments remember bargain hunters we have the buy 2 get one free deal as usual all plants looking mighty...we had a fish delivery in so lots of fish hope to have another this fish house looks amazing well stock and ultra healthy....and over 400 tanks looked after by me on my own.....master f
ish keeper or what sometimes i suprise even myself.........and then i have to listen to customers go on about having to clean their tanks every month.......the cheek of them....try do what i do....the Irish u gotta laugh....we are nuts.....
anyways no point in me having all this fab stuff.....come up and buy it bring some bikkies ill stick on the kettle!!!!


ps as well as deals get a 5 euro voucher with every 50 spent.....thats gonna cover the petrol.....:)
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