Busy week ahead...

11 Dec 2012 15:21 #1 by ipcompto (Ian Compton)
Hi just to let u know we have a large stock of healthy plants and fish instore at the moment ....Wed and this comoing tues day we have a shipment of trops and marines in...marines will be out the door quick so dont hang about....

Lebistes reticulata Assorted female guppy
Lebistes reticulata Red tail guppy (Male)
Lebistes reticulata Blue tail guppy (Male)
Lebistes reticulata German yellow female guppy
Lebistes reticulata Green king cobra guppy (Male)
Lebistes reticulata Red tuxedo guppy (Male)
Xiphophorus maculatus Red & white spotted platy
Xiphophorus maculatus Red tiger zebra platy
Xiphophorus maculatus Blue platy
Xiphophorus maculatus Black platy
Xiphophorus maculatus Rainbow platy
Xiphophorus maculatus Red coral balloon platy
Xiphophorus helleri Red sword
Xiphophorus helleri Red calico sword
Xiphophorus helleri Red & white sword
Pterophyllum scalare Black angel
Hyphessobrycon flammeus Red tetra
Hyphessobrycon eques (neon) Serpae tetra-Neon
Hemigrammus ocellifer Head & Tail light tetra
Gymnocorymbus ternetzi Black tetra
Gymnocorymbus ternetzi (White) White skirt tetra
Aphyocharax anisitsi Bloodfin tetra
Astyanax mexicanus Blind cave fish
Hemigrammus bleheri Rummy nose tetra
Hyphessobrycon columbianus Colombian tetra
Hyphessobrycon amandae Ember tetra
Pantodon bucholzi Butterfly fish
Chitala ornata Clown knife fish
Notopterus notopterus Asian black knife fish
Apteronotus albifrons Black ghost knife fish
Luciocephalus pulcher Crocodile fish/pikehead
Macrognathus aculeatus Spotted spiny eel
Mastacembelus circumcinctus Banded spiny eel
Mastacembelus armatus Tyre track spiny eel
Mastacembelus erythrotaenia Fire eel
Capoeta tetrazona (Platinum green) Green tiger barb-Platinum
Capoeta tetrazona (Black ghost) Tiger barb-black ghost
Barbus nigrofasciatus Ruby barb
Puntius rhomboocellatus Red phomb barb
Colisa lalia Blood red Dwarf gourami-Male
Colisa lalia Flower neon Dwarf gourami-Male
Colisa lalia Neon Blue Dwarf gourami-Male
Colisa lalia Turquoise dwarf gourami-Male
Trichogaster leeri Pearl gourami
Osphronemus goramy (Red tail) Redtail Giant gourami
Corydoras panda Panda corydoras
Corydoras pygmaeus Pygmy corydoras
Erethistes pusillus Giant month catfish
Bagroides macracanthus Black lancer catfish
Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum Tiger shovelnose catfish
Hybrid catfish Redtail shovelnose catfish
Mystus nemurus Asian redtail catfish
Chaca chaca Frog mouth catfish
Synodontis schoutedeni Synodontis schoutedeni
Gyrinocheilus aymonieri Algae eater
Melanotaenia australis Australian rainbow
Melanotaenia parkinsoni Parkinson's rainbow
Melanotaenia praecox Neon dwarf rainbow
Telmatherina ladigesi Celebes rainbow
Iriatherina werneri Threadfin/featherfin rainbow
Popondichthys furcata Forktail rainbow
Pseudomugil gertrudae Spotted blue eye
Mosquito rasbora Mosquito rasbora
Balantiocheilos melanopterus Silver shark

Centropyge bicolor Bicolor pygmy angel - (M)
Centropyge bispinosus Coral beauty (purple) angel
Centropyge flavicauda Royal blue/white tail pygmy angel
Pomacanthus annularis Blue ring angel - (Juv)
Pomacanthus imperator Emperor angel - Juv - (S)
Pomacanthus semicirculatus Koran angel - (Juv) - (S)
Heniochus acuminatus Black & white hi-fin banner fish (S)
Zanclus canescens Moorish idol
Platax pinnatus Red - rimmed batfish (M)
Platax tiera Long - finned batfish (M)
Lactotria cornuta Long-horn cow fish (M)
Chaetodon decussatus Black finned butterfly
Chaetodon falcula Sickle/Falcula butterfly - (M)
Chaetodon kleinii Orange/Kleinii butterfly
Chaetodon lineolatus Lined butterfly - (M)
Chaetodon lunula Raccoon/red-striped butterfly - (M)
Chelmon rostratus Copperband butterfly
Forcipiger flavissimus Long-nose butterfly
Pterapogon kauderni Bangai's cardinal fish
Amphiprion bicinctus Brown & white clown
Amphiprion clarkii Clark's anemonefish/African clown (black)
Amphiprion frenatus Red tomato clown
Amphiprion latezonatus Black percula clown/wide-band anemonefish
Amphiprion ocellaris Red percula clown - (S)
Amphiprion percula Common percula clown(S)
Amphiprion sabae Sebae's anemonefish
Premnas biaculeatus Maroon clown/spine-cheek anemonefish
Chromis vanderbiliti Lyretail chromis
Chromis viridis (caeruleus) Blue / green chromis
Chrysiptera cyanea Blue damsel
Mirolabrichthys tuka Purple queen anthias
Oxycirrhites typus Longnose hawkfish
Pseudanthias pleurotaenia Square spot anthias (Male)
Amblyeleotris guttata Orange spotted prawn goby
Amblyeleotris sungami Banded/stripe goby
Cryptocentrus cinctus Yellow watchman goby
Ecsenius bicolor Bi-colored blenny
Gobiodon citrinus Yellow/lemon coral goby
Gobiodon rivulatus Green clown goby
Gobiodon sp. Black coral goby
Gobiodon sp. Assorted goby
Nemateleotris magnifica Fire dartfish
Salarias fasciatus Jewelled rockskipper
Symphodus ocellatus Scooter blenny
Synchiropus picturatus Spotted mandarin
Synchiropus splendidus Blue-green mandarin fish - (S)
Pseudochromis paccagnellae Royal gramma
Pseudochromis sp. Red body dottyback
Dendrochirus biocellatus Fu Manchu/Twin-spot lionfish
Dendrochirus zebra Zebra lionfish
Pterois antennata Spotfin lionfish
Pterois volitans Brown/black peacock lionfish
Cetoscarus bicolor Red-speckled/bicolor parrotfish
Arothron nigropunctatus Grey dog-face puffer
Diodon hystrix Porcupinefish
Dasyatis kuhlii Blue-spotted stingray
Acanthurus leucosternon* Powder blue surgeon
Acanthurus lineatus Clown surgeon
Naso lopezi Lopez's unicornfish
Paracanthurus hepatus Blue tang - (T)
Thalassoma lutescens Yellow wrasse
Lysmata debelius Shrimp fire
Lysmata grabhami Orange skunk shrimp
Periclimenes brevicarpalis Anemone shrimp
Turbo fluctuosa sp. Turbo Shell
Sabellastarte sanctijosephi Tube worm - assorted color - (M)
Lincki laevigata Blue starfish
Echinometra mathaei Urchin common
Pseudocolochirus axiologus Sea apple
Shalmys pallium Flame scallop

Aequidens rivulatus (3.5 - 4.0)
Cichlasoma meeki (3.5 - 4.0)
Cichlasoma octofasciatus "Blue Dempsey" (4.0 - 5.0)
Papiliochromis ramirezi Electric Blue (2.5 - 3.0)
Papiliochromis ramirezi German Blue L (4.0 - 5.0)
Papiliochromis ramirezi Gold (2.5 - 3.0)
Papiliochromis ramirezi Red-Gold (2.5 - 3.0)
Pseudotropheus flavus (3.5 - 4.0)
Pelvicachromis pulcher (3.5 - 4.0)
Pelvicachromis pulcher Super Red (3.5 - 4.0)
Pelvicachromis taeniatus Nigerian Red (3.0 - 4.0)
Cyprichromis leptosoma Mpulungu (3.5 - 4.0)
Lamprologus calvus (3.0 - 3.5)
Lamprologus leleupi leleupi Orange (3.5 - 4.0)
Tropheus duboisi (3.0 - 3.5)
Tropheus duboisi Bemba (4.0 - 5.0)
Hyphessobrycon flammeus Orange (2.5)
Serrasalmus nattereri (1.5 - 2.0)

instore at the moment:
neon tetra
cardinal tetra
white molly
black molly
red platy
mickey mouse platy
male guppy
platinum/blue angel hybrid
blue angel
black angel
koi angel
yellow angel
black venueuzalan cory
cigar sharks
mekong catfish
xl pangassius
red tapagos geophagus
tropheus moliro
xl tiger barbs
green tiger barb platinum
sterbai cory
bronze cory
paroon sharks
red tailed catfish
tiger shovel /red tail cross
siamese algae eaters
red rainbowfish
crossing rainbow fish
parkinsons rainbow fish
boesmani rainbow fish
albino tiger oscar up to 12 inches
stunning red tiger oscars up to 12 inches
blood red parrots
150 male fighting fish
female fighting fish
spotted green puffer
clown loach
red tail botia
black moor
red and white oranda
red cap oranda
celestial eye
pom pom
red telescope eye
calico telescope eye
butterfly goldfish assorted
bubble eye
ranchu goldfish
koi up to 24 inches
xl goldfish up to 12 inch
pearscale goldfish
Red-sided peacock
Mloto white top
Hap. compressicep 5 color
Labeotropheus trewavasae "OB"
Johanni eastern
Living stone
Steveni tiger
Peacock Cichlid
Blue diamond
Blue turquoise (Blue German)
Cobalt blue
Ghost (Golden dragon)
Snake Skin
Red diamond
Fighter male superdelta
Fighter female superdelta
Superdelta (pair)
Siamese tiger fish (Big bar)
Twinbar tiger fish
Assorted angel
Blue zebra angel
Blue gourami
Gold gourami
Assorted guppy male
Assorted guppy female
Hi fin loach
African tiger fish
Platy assorted
Mekong giant catfish
Pinocchio shrimp
Blue shrimp
Waterfall Carp
Swordtail assorted
Sailfin assorted
Harlequin rasbora
Flying Fox
Silver shark (Bala)
Sailfin assorted
Redtail black shark
Hifin pike fish
Crocodile catfish giant
Blue neon shrimp
Red & white shrimp
Orange sakura shrimp
Yellow shrimp
livingst5oni small
auloncara firefish small
hap 44
zebra obliqueden
lemon tetra
black phantom
emperor tetra several types
i have about 2000 africans from 1cm upwards
i have 5 or six types of killifish
gold rams
breeding green severum
plecos from 2 inch to 14 inch many many
lots and lots of specimen cichlids
im getting tired now this is a marathon....i have lots of specimen fish and cats too many to mention honest plus stuff from last czech delivery.....i hate doin lists....i have lots of other tera and pencil fish see i nearly started again...

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11 Dec 2012 16:10 #2 by JohnH (John)
Replied by JohnH (John) on topic Busy week ahead...
Good man Ian,
That is a most comprehensive list, to be sure...


N. Tipp

We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl - year after year.

ITFS member.

It's a long way to Tipperary.

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12 Dec 2012 00:07 #3 by jeff (Jeff Scully)
Thats a cracking list ian fair play

Where the tongue slips, it speaks the truth.

A life making mistakes is not only more honourable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing at all.

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12 Dec 2012 09:48 #4 by ipcompto (Ian Compton)
yea and ill be looking after all that on me own 24/7 and it will still be the healthiest stock on the block......i love my job.....cant wait!Theres other stock i did not mention lists are hard work let me tells ya...also plant tanks are full buy 2 get one free type thingy and vouchers yep every fifty get a fiver voucher to spend on what u like.....

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