New arrivals.....7/12/2016

07 Dec 2016 18:11 - 07 Dec 2016 18:17 #1 by ipcompto (Ian Compton)
Hi some new the way our fish house is very well stocked this is just a top up but some cracking stuff........

Red Dwarf Gourami €9.99
Blue Dwarf Gourami €9.99
Koi Angelfish €8.99
Pearl Arowana €145.00
Tiger barb €3.99
African Eel Catfish €24.99
Flowerhorn €45.00
Flowerhorn €45.00
Flowehorn Blue Silk €25.00
Flowehorn Blue Silk €25.00
Corydoras Adolphi €19.99
Corydoras Concolor €14.99
Distichodis Affins Lefini €69.99
Dumbo Female Betta €9.99
Geophagus Demoni €26.99
Jade Goby €45.00
Golden Gourami €6.99
Opaline Gourami €6.99
Pearl Gourami €6.99
Lionfish €45.00
Khuli Loach €3.99
African Pike €69.99
Bumble Bee Platy €4.99
Ornate Bircher €65.00
Lampeye €9.99
Scissortail Rasbora €2.99
Bala Shark €6.99
Head & tail light tetra €2.99
Xray Tetra €2.99
Bala Shark XL €19.99
Gourami Red Robin €9.99
Super Delta €14.99
Albino Bircher €14.99
Giant Spotted Puffer €100.00

Also the new range of Tropical food arrives tomorrow thats the polish brand....we have been trying it out and just let me say its really impressive especially to a guy that has over 400 tanks to feed....quality easy match for Tetra and jbl foods and new era.......

Just to let you know......our fish house will be running on this from now......we will still carry the usual brands too

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