Marines in

29 Nov 2017 16:47 #1 by ipcompto (Ian Compton)
Marines in folks......

Blue chin Trigger cracking specimen....
Yellow tangs
Sailfin tang
Flame angel
Emperor Angel
Al;gae Blennys
Domino damsels
Humbug Damsels
Bicolour angel
Coral beauty
Chalk Goby
Blue cheek goby
Mandarin Goby Spotted
Mandarin Goby
Yellow Boxfish
Valenti Puffer
Green Chromis
Royal Gramma
Spotted Grunt
Clown Tang
Ritteri Anemone
Fire Fish
Voltans lionfish perdect size for someone.....2 inches

Due in:

Bubble Anemone - Coloured ( SM )
Caribbean Anemone ( ME )
Malu Anemone - Common ( ME )
H. Crab - Rock Red Leg (10+) ( ME ) Paguristes cadenati
Hermit Crab - Blue Leg (10 +) ( ME ) Clibanarius tricolor
Feather Duster - Yellow ( ME ) Sabellastarte spp.
Coloured Mushroom Rock ( SM ) Discosoma spp.
Common Mushroom Rock ( ME ) Discosoma spp.
Furry Mushroom Rock ( SM ) Rhodactis spp.
Giant Mushroom Rock - Green ( ME ) Discosoma spp.
Star Polyp - Xenia Green Cultured ( ME ) Pachyclavularia violacea
Finger Coral - White Polyp Long ( ME ) Lobophytum spp.
Toadstool Soft Coral ( ME ) Sarcophyton spp.
Toadstool Soft Coral - Knobbly ( ME ) Sarcophyton spp.
Orange Fan Sponge ( LG ) Clathria rugosa

If anyone needs anything gimme a shout....


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