11 Jan 2008 12:06 #1 by Dave (Dave Fallon)
Hi. Following is in stock and is in great condition.

Green Chromis
Occelaris Clownfish
Maroon Clownfish
Clarkii Clownfish
Marine Betta
Green Wrasse
Valentini Pufferfish
Porcupine Pufferfish
Immaculate Pufferfish
Bangaii Cardinal
Pyjama Cardinal
Golden Head Goby XL
Algae Blenny
Allens dotty back
Spotted Hawkfish
Long nose hawkfish
Butter Hamlet
Ghost Ribbon eel
Red shoulder tang
Gold Rim tang
Yellow Tang L
Powder Blue tang
Lopez tang
Sailfin tang(veiliferum)
Sailfin tang(desjardini)
Regal Tang
Majestic Angelfish L
Regal Angel L
Six Bar Angel L
Quenn Angel M
Bi colour Angel M
Panther Grouper
Tuka Anthias
Royal Dottyback
Royal Gramma
Niger Trigger
Red Tailed filefish
Meyers Butterflyfish
Kupang Damsel
Yellow Wrasse
Coral Rock Cod

Green Nepthea Soft Coral
Colt Coral L
Special Rainbow Polyps XXXXL
Blue Daisy Polyps
Button Polyps
Yellow polyps
Blue Xenia
Blue Mushrooms
Red Mushrooms
Striped Mushrooms
Pimple Mushrooms
Star Polyps
Mettalic Green Star Polyps
Sebae Anemone
Top shell
Turbo shell
Feather duster hardtube

I now have access to a new supplier in Indonesia with Premium Live Rock, LPS and SPS hard coral and a serious selection of hard coral. If there's anything that you wish to get, please let me know and I'll try and get them in. They also have a serious amount of fish with every size you can imagine.

Kind Regards


Qui Vivra Verra.

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