15 Jan 2008 15:19 - 16 Jan 2008 01:35 #1 by serratus (Drew Latimer)
Hi here goes, a full stocklist of tropical freshwater fish etc. we have in stock at the momnet as from 15/01/08:

Neon tetra M
Neon tetra XL
Glowlight tetra M
Cardinal tetra M-wild
Rummynose tetra M
Rummynose tetra XL-wild
Red eye tetra M
Pristella tetra M
Whitespot tetra M
Colombian tetra L
Red phantom tetra L
Black phantom tetra L
Black widow tetra M
Black neon tetra M
Serpae tetra XL
Blue tetra L
Emperor tetra L
Purple emperor tetra L
Flame tetra L
Gold tetra L-wild
Congo tetra XL
Yellowtail congo tetra M
African red eye tetra XL
Serpae tetra XL
Silver dollar M
Diptail pencilfish XL
Penguin tetra M
Penguin tetra XL
Red bellied piranha 3\"-wild

Male guppy XL
Female guppy XL
Black molly 2\"
Silver molly 2\"
Saffron molly 2\"
Dalmation molly 2\"
Green sailfin molly 2-3\"
Mixed platy 1-2\"
Mixed swordtail 2-3\"
Halfbeak 1-2\"
Celebes halfbeak 2-3\"

Golden gourami 3-4\"
Opaline gourami 3-4\"
Moonlight gourami 3\"
Pearl gourami 2\"
Pink kissing gourami M
Red honey gourami XL
Red dwarf gourami XL pairs
Powder blue gourami XL pairs
Golden giant gourami 2\"
Indian giant gourami 2-3\"
Thicklip gourami 2-3\"
Orange thicklip gourami 2-3\"
Paradisefish 2-3\"

Tiger barb S
Tiger barb XL
Green tiger barb S
Green tiger barb XL
Albino tiger barb S
Albino tiger barb XL
Black ruby barb L
Rosy barb 2\"
Cherry barb XL
Golden barb M
Pentazona barb M
Barbus mahecola 2\"
Dwarf golden barb L
Indian hi-fin barb L
Bala shark 2\"
Bala shark 4\"
Redtail black shark 2\"
Rainbow shark 2\"
Siamese flying fox 2\"
Clown loach 2-3\"
Zebra loach 2-3\"
Polka dot loach 2-3\"
Bengal loach 2-3\"
Packistani loach 2-3\"
Sumo loach 2-3\"

Redline rasbora XL
Harlequin rasbora M
Scissortail rasbora M
Red scissortail rasbora XL
Volcano rasbora L
Zebra danio M
Gold zebra danio L
Leopard danio L
Pearl danio L
Giant danio M
Whitecloud mountain minnow L

Albino catfish M
Bronze catfish M
Pepper catfish M
Corydoras julii M
Corydoras panda M
Corydoras guapore M
Corydoras albimarginatus M
Corydoras sp. C021
Corydoras kristina C042

Common plec 2\"
Common plec 4\"
Albino plec 2\"
Albino plec 8\"
Sailfin plec 2\"
Sailfin plec 4\"
Ancistrus dolichopterus 2\"
L001 3\"
L034 medusa plec 3\"
L027 royal plec 3\"
L066 king tiger plec 3\"
L082 opal spot plec 4-5\"
L134 leopard frog plec 2-3\"
L140 3\"
L144 Lemon ancistrus 1\"
L144 Lemon ancistrus 2\"
L183 starlight ancistrus 2-3\"
L264-sultan plec 3\"
L333 imperial tiger plec 3\"
LDA025-pitbull plec 1-2\"
Brachyplatystoma jurense 3\"
Chaca chaca 4-5\"
Sun catfish-horabagrus 3\"
Stripped talking catfish 2\"
Thailand glass catfish 2-3\"
Hoplosternum littorale 4\"


Synodontis angelicus 2-3\"
Synodontis granulosus 4-5\" REAL ONE,WILD, SUPER RARE!
Synodontis nigriventris 2\"
Synodontis nigrata 4-5\"
Synodontis nigrata gold 2-3\"
Synodontis petricola 2-3\"
Synodontis ocellifer 4-5\"
Synodontis eupterus 4-5\"
Synodontis multipunctatus 3-4\"

Apistogramma agazzizi 2-3\"
Apistogramma borelli yellowhead 2\"
Apistogramma panduro 2\"
Apistogramma hongsloi 2-3\"
Aequidens dorsigerus redbreast 2-3\"
Aequidens curviceps 2-3\"
Blue acara 2\"
Keyhole cichlid 2\"
Green severum 2\"
Blue ram 1-2\"
Gold ram 1-2\"
Bolivian ram 2-3\"
Parachromis dovvi 2-3\"
Parachromis managuense 2\"
Cryptoheros sajica 2-3\"
Firemouth cichlid 2-3\"
Nandpsis salvini redbreast 2\"
Geophagus braziliensis red 2-3\"
Geophagus iporangensis 2-3\"
Chocolate cichlid 2-3\"
Blackbelt cichlid 2-3\"
Convict cichlid 1-2\"
Vieja synspilum 2\"
Crenicichla xingu 1 3-4\"
Crenicichla lepidota 3\"
Tiger oscar 2\"
Red tiger oscar 2\"
Albino oscar 7-8\"
Marble angelfish M
Tricolor angelfish M
Silver angelfish M
Black angelfish M
Mixed angelfish XL
Red marlboro discus 3\"
Blue diamond discus 3\"
Red melon discus 3\"
Pidgeon blood discus 3\"
Brilliant turquoise discus 3\"
Red turquoise discus 3\"
Checkerboard discus 3\"
Sapphire discus 3\"

Pseudotropheus saulosi 2\"
Pseudotropheus demasoni 2\"
Pseudotropheus acei 2\"
Pseudotropheus acei ngara 2\"
Pseudotropheus aurora 2\"
Pseudotropheus elongata mpanga 2\"
Pseudotropheus crabro 2\"
Pseudotropheus flavus 2-3\"
Pseudotropheus lombardoi 3\"
Labidochromis caeruleus 2\"
Labidotropheus redtop hongi 2\"
Labidochromis kimpuma redtop 2\"
Labidochromis sp. mbamba 2\"
Melanochromis chipoke 2\"
Iodotropheus sprengerae 2\"
Cynotilapia afra 2\"
Cynotilapia afra redtop 2\"
Labeotropheus trewavasae chilumbu 2-3\"
Aulonocara jacobfribergi 3\"
Aulonocara maylandi 3\"
Aulonocara calico 3\"
Otopharynx lithobates zimbabwae 3\"

Altolamprologus calvus black pearl 2-3\"
Altolamprologus compressiceps goldhead 2\"
Julidochromis dickfeldi 2\"
Julidochroims transcriptus 2-3\"
Julidochromis transcriptus gombi 2\"
Julidochromis marleri 2\"
Julidochromis marleri zambia 2-3\"
Lamprologus leleupi 2\"
Lamprologus leleupi 3-4\"
Lamprologus multifasciatus 1-2\"
Lamprologus ocellatus 1-2\"
Lamprologus ocellatus gold 1-2\"
Lamprologus brevis sunspot 2\"
Cyphotilapia frontosa 2-3\"
Cyprichromis leptosoma blueflash 3-4\"
Cyprichromis leptosoma gold 3-4\"
Cyprichromis leptosoma jumbo yellowhead 3-4\"
Cyprichromis leptosoma mpulungu 3-4\"
Tropheus duboisi maswa 2\"
Tropheus bemba 2\"

Kribensis L
Pelvichromis taeniatus moliwe 2-3\"
Hemichromis bimaculatus 2-3\"
Hemichromis liffali 2-3\"
Mossambique mouthbrooder 2-3\"
Pelmatochromis thomasi 2-3\"

Black ghost knifefish 2-3\"
Clown knifefish 8\"
Clown kniefish 16\"
Polypterus senegalus 3-4\"
Desert goby 2\"
Marble sleeper goby 2-3\"
Knight goby 2-3\"
Green neon spot goby 2-3\"
Golden wonder panchax L
African butterflyfish XL
Golden apple snail 2\"
Blue lobster 3\"
Blue lobster 6\"
Japonica shrimp 1-2\"
Spider shrimp 2-3\"
Chameleon shrimp 2-3\"
Rock shrimp 2-3\"
Green chromide 2-3\"
Orange chromide 2\"
Red scat 2\"
Green scat 2\"
Nandus nandus 2-3\"
Indian green eel 4-5\"
Gold aquatic frog 3\"
Dwarf aquatic frog 1-2\"

Please phone before travelling to check availability etc!
Think thats it! I know i have left out stuff, will check tmw and add where needed!
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15 Jan 2008 18:44 #2 by ChrisM (ChrisM)
Replied by ChrisM (ChrisM) on topic Re:FULL STOCKLIST AS FROM 15/01/08
Very Impressive list.I reckon that took a while to put together.The range of species is very well picked.No \"Mixed Africans\" or \"Assorted Tropical Fish\" there,thats for sure.

Unfortunately Im maxed out for tank space.Maybe I could squeeze in some Brevis Sunspot.Could you PM me?If I cant get up Glen is going up at the weekend so he could collect them.


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15 Jan 2008 18:57 #3 by arabu1973 (. .)
Could you pm me the prices for the discus from the list and do your new shop in tallaght have this discus? thanx

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16 Jan 2008 01:41 #4 by serratus (Drew Latimer)
Hi Chris PM sent, yeh took a while!! Had always said i wouldnt do it as it would take so long, but was off today so why not!
Arabu1973, will send a PM regarding discus prices tmw, I can send down fish to Tallaght if you let me know what you want.

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16 Jan 2008 02:18 - 16 Jan 2008 02:19 #5 by Daragh_Owens (Daragh Owens)
Hi Drew

Is the Ancistrus dolichopterus like www.planetcatfish.com/catelog/image.php?image_id=5867 If so I would be interested in a couple.
Last edit: 16 Jan 2008 02:19 by Daragh_Owens (Daragh Owens).

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