05 Mar 2008 00:44 #1 by serratus (Drew Latimer)
A shipment of tropical freshwater fish that should be ready for sale at the wkd:

Ogre catfish-asterophysus batrachus 4-5\" VERY RARE IMPORT!!
Blue phantom plec- L128 5-6\"
Hypancistrus sp. L129 2-3\"
Hypancistrus sp. L136b 2-3\"
Hypostomus L137 2-3\"
Pretty plec-L168 2-3\"
Green phantom plec-L200 4-5\"
Blue panaque-L239 2-3\"
Galaxy plec-L240 (Venezuela) 2-3\"
Corydoras rabauti XL
Corydoras melanotania L
Corydoras cf. evelynae VERY RARE IMPORT!! (few loxozonus mixed in as well!!!)
Ctenolucius hujeta 4-5\"
Cardinal tetra XL
Blue ram (Venezuela) 1-2\"

Please PM for details!!

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