19 Mar 2008 20:00 - 20 Mar 2008 02:43 #1 by serratus (Drew Latimer)
Hi, below is a shipment of trops. that should be ready for sale this wkd:
Black phantom tetra M
Red phantom tetra M
Glowlight tetra S
Pristella tetra M
Yellowtail congo tetra-caudalis M
Black emperor tetra L
Serpae tetra M
Ctenolucious hujeta 2-3\"
Gold tetra-wild M
Clown rasbora-kalochroma
Pictus catfish 2-3\"
Shark catfish-seemani 2-3\"
Waspfish-vespicula depresifons 1-2\" VENOMOUS!
Black ghost knifefish 3-4\"
Rubber plec-chaetostoma 2\"
Stiphodon sp. red neon 3\"-RARE, RECENTLY DISCOVERED!
Nimbochromis venustus 2\"
Black molly L
Green cobra guppy male L
Micaff sunset guppy male L
Mixed female guppy L
Mixed angelfish M
Brilliant turquoise discus 3-4\"
Pidgeon blood discus 3\"

Elodea densa
Amazon sword
Twisted vallis
Straight vallis
Onion plant
Indian almond leaves (Adrian)

We also got in hard and soft corals as well as fish and inverts!!!
PM for details!!
Last edit: 20 Mar 2008 02:43 by serratus (Drew Latimer).

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