12 Apr 2008 19:45 - 12 Apr 2008 20:33 #1 by serratus (Drew Latimer)
Hi all, a shipment that came in this week ready for sale:

Neon tetra L
Silvertip tetra L
Emperor tetra XL
Blue emperor tetra-kerri L
Congo tetra XL
Yellowtail congo tetra-caudalis L
Beckfords pencilfish XL
Whitecloud mountain minnow XL
Danio kyathit L
Pygmy rasbora L
Sumo loach-balteata 2\"
Cherry barb XL
Black ruby barb XL
Blue acara 2-3\"
Firemouth cichlid 2-3\"
Jack dempsey 2=3\"
Keyhole cichlid 1-2\"
Bolivan ram 2-3\"
Mixed angelfish S
Mixed angelfish XL
Mixed veiltail angelfish M
Black angelfish M
Marble angelfish M
Half-black angelfish M
Golden angelfish M
Red fire honey gourami L
Siamese fightingfish XL males
Pearl gourami XL pairs
Indian giant gourami XL pairs
Mixed sailfin mollys XL pairs
Threadfin rainbowfish XL
Siamese algae eater-siamensis 2-3\"
Hillstream loach-various sp. XL
Common plec 4\"
Gibbiceps 2\"
Figure eight pufferfish 1-2\"
Spotted pufferfish 2\"

Red oranda 2\"
Red & white oranda 2\"
Red & black oranda 2\"
Calico oranda 2\"
Redcap oranda 2
Chocolate oranda 2\"
Blue oranda 2\"
Black moor 2\"
Mixed fantail 1-2\"
Mixed fantail 4-5\"
Red ryukin 3\"
Calico ryukin 3\"
Red & white ryukin 3\"
Shubunkin 2=3\"
Common goldfish 2-3\"
*Mixed koi 4-5\"
*Mixed koi 5-6\"

Cryptocoryne beckettii
Cryptocoryne nevelli
Amazon sword
Straight vallis
Twisted vallis
Java fern
Hygrophilla polysperma
Indian fern

*Please note, the koi are currently being kept in our indoor facilities (18oC) as we feel it is too cold to put them outside at the moment, they are however fine to purchase and keep indoors until the weather heats up!!!

As always PM for details!!
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