01 May 2008 17:57 #1 by serratus (Drew Latimer)
Hi a shipment of tropical fish that arrived this week, please phone for availability:


Mixed swordtail L
Black molly M
Dalmation molly M
Neon tetra M
Neon dwarf rainbowfish M
Pink flamingo guppy male XL
Micariff sunset guppy male L
Rosy barb L
Aequidens curviceps M
Labidochromis caeruleus 2\"
Pidgeon blood discus 3\"
Red leopard discus 2-3\"
Mixed discus 2-3\"
Tiger barb 1\"
Rainbow shark 2\"
Clown loach 2.5\"
Red royal dwarf gourami XL pairs
Powder blue dwarf gourami XL pairs
Orange sunkist shrimp-caridina cf. propinqua L

PM for details!!!
Expecting a shipment of Hard corals for Indonesia next week, will post up they arrive!

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