Elephantnose fish

08 Sep 2016 23:46 - 08 Sep 2016 23:47 #1 by Fishowner (Gavin fishowner)
Hey all,not been on as much lately.hope everyone is well.
So am toying with the idea of getting a Gnathonemus petersii ie.an Elephantnose Fish!
So ive always been interested in these guys but never got round to getting one.
It woud be going into a 5ft tank which is stocked with abit of everything...mainly congo tetras,2 angels,south American cichlids and a few smaller rainbow fish...the tank is largely planted with swords and i reckon the elephantnose would do alright.Ive a few bamboo caves for it to hide in if needs be.I kbow feeding can be awkward but id intend on feeding bloodworm at night when lights are out as the congos are nuts when it comes to feeding time!
Anyone have experiences of them?my lighting is bright enough but the swords have taken over some of the surface thankfully and i do have a hood on the tank too.I've no other electro fish to worry about in the tank either.

Would welcome thoughts from you all

Ps:gonna have to get a whiltail also!
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