Fish to add with Angelfish

29 May 2018 21:22 #1 by Paul177
Hey Guys, how’s a goin?
I recently got an 180 litre secondhand tank. My neighbours have offered two of their Angelfish from their 500 Litre tank.

Would love your advice on what cory cats i could get that are ok with 25c? Was thinking either Sterba cory or Adolfois cory.

Also what other fish could i get that would be ok with temp of 25c.

Would Cherry barbs or Platies or Neon or Cardinal tetras be ok? Would like something with colour. Is there any other fish besides ones mentioned that has colour that i cud add?

Would Cherry barbs be suitable with Angels?

Are livebearer easy to keep? Been worried that they may become too many in tank,though heard that Angel will eat their babies.

Heard Neon are not the best to a new tank set up, that they need an established tank.

Would Cardinals be more suitable than Neon?

The Angels in my neighbours tank as used to Neons and rummy nose tetras as have them in their tank with Angels.

Any advice will be much appreciated, thank you.
Really looking forward to hearing from you. Getting really excited in setting up my first tank.

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30 May 2018 09:50 #2 by fishmad1234
Hi paul to be honst with you your kinda spoiled for choice

I have a pair of Peruvian angel fish in with rummy nose tetras penguin tetras and some red pencil tetras some peppered Cory's some plecos and a pair of apistisos.

You could get some marble hatchet fish aswell.

I think rummys and most other species of tetra are hardier then cardinals.

Hope this helps


at the end of the day it becomes nite

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30 May 2018 19:24 #3 by Paul177
Replied by Paul177 on topic Fish to add with Angelfish
Hello Craig, how are u?

Was thinking about Rummy Nose Tetras. Heard they can be sometimes senitive.

Strongly been thinking that i could chance Platies as they will add some colour to tank. Have been unsure if should chance them or not.

Need to decide what order to add fish. Was thinking maybe Platies 1st, then Cory cats and the two Angels last. But may change my mind.

Will be adding fish bit by bit.

Thank u so much for your advice.

Within the few months i willl add pics of tank when all fish are in and plants are looking good.

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