04 Apr 2019 18:40 #1 by lawrenceog
Medications was created by lawrenceog
Just wanted to ask for your recomendations. Given the daunting array of medications on the market i wanted to know what folks here have used and would recomend for

1. Fungal fin rot
2.. ick
3. Bacterial infections

In planted and non planted tanks.


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06 Apr 2019 12:58 #2 by Jonlate
Replied by Jonlate on topic Medications
Good question, looking forward to answers myself.

I suppose I go down the route of prevention is better than a cure!

Buying fish from a place that has clean tanks, and the fish look heathy is a start.
Weekly/ fortnightly water changes. I always add a splash of declorine stuff as it has aloe vera in it as well, which helps with the slime coat.

I have had a tank now for 3 years, and have yet to have a major outbreak of anything. (Have I just tempted fate! It’s like saying I haven’t had a puncture in years to get one the next day!)

So again, I will be interested in the answers as I wouldn’t have a clue which make to buy.

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06 Apr 2019 21:29 #3 by lawrenceog
Replied by lawrenceog on topic Medications
Ya, im interested to hear what folks have had sucsess with, like you i have been very lucky bar an occasional Ich outbrake when adding some new fish.

I dont use conditioner as im on a well and no chlorine or chloramines never thought about the aloe aspect. Might have prevented a case of ich or two.

I use heat and a little salt for ich or if its too bad i turn to ich x

water, formaldehyde (<5%), methanol (<2%), malachite green chloride (<0.1%)

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12 Apr 2019 21:40 #4 by irish-zx10r
Replied by irish-zx10r on topic Medications
I found plenty of water changes aquarium salt if needed, and like above raise the temperature , in my experience i added a extra airstone for more oxygen and water movement when raising the temperature works quite well for me.

Something fishie going on here

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