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09 Apr 2014 00:00 #1 by flint1 (Ricky McNulty)
Hi all
Need a little bit of help. Ive got a 100l tank which i got off a friend and i am looking to start a planted tank. The tank is already up and running with fish in it i Need help with 1.substrate should i use?
2. How can i change old and new Subtrate and keep the fish i already have
3. Easy plants for beginners i need co2 or fertilizer
5.where has a good selection of substrates and plants

Any help would be much appreciated

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09 Apr 2014 00:51 - 13 Apr 2014 00:06 #2 by Inza (philippe launois)
Replied by Inza (philippe launois) on topic need help
Hello flint1:
so based on my knowledge, i will try to help you out :cheer:

1) substrate depend on a few things:
- the colour you want
- the type of plants you want (no need to have a very rich substrate of plants like Hc)
- the fishes you'll have (a thinner substrate will be a lot better for corry cat by example)
- and of course you budget (a bag of ada amazonia would cost 45€)

2) I believe you can't keep fishes in the tank while changing the substrate as the new one as a lot of chances to reject ammonia that will poison your fishes. Also by doing so you will remove any good bacteria.

3) easy plant would be any type of anubia, java fern, some type of moss... Avoid any red plants, and carpet plants as they generally require much more light and co2/fertilizer.

4) depending on the plants and light unit you wish to have, but the one above should be ok without.

5) many of the sponsors offer a large supply of plants and substrate. Seahorse, aquatic village and fintastic comes to mind.

I am sure many forum user will give you a lot more details and explanation, this is just based on my own knowledge :)

Hope that helps ! inza.
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13 Apr 2014 22:42 #3 by flint1 (Ricky McNulty)
Replied by flint1 (Ricky McNulty) on topic need help
Thanks Inza your input has been great. after doing a bit of research i found the substrate i'm going to go with
I'm going to use JBL aqua basis and JBL manado black as i want to put some cherry shrimp in the tank

About keeping the fish i'm looking for a small tank to house them for a couple of days then use it as a breeding or fry tank (any excuse to get another tank)

The plants and lights part i'm just going to keep it simple for the time being get the hang of things first also the light in my 100L boyu tank isn't that bright any ideas on good small lights unit that might fit into where original 1 is ??

Again thanks for help Flint1

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