Overhaul - keep substrate? lighting question also

15 Nov 2016 16:32 - 15 Nov 2016 17:21 #1 by fourmations (NIall SMyth)
hi all

used to kick around here many moons ago (under the same name)
Im not a beginner persay but might as well be at this stage
and ive never doe a major overhaul.....so i put this thread here

so i neglected my tank heavily and it went from a high light co2 job
to a grubby low light non co2 moss forest, its time to do a bit of work, ok a lot actually
so do i keep my substrate? its akadama with a bit of gravel
is it full of goodies or baddies at this stage?
i must confess that i didnt clean my filter for over a year (or maybe two)
and topped up rather than doing water changes
(shameful i know but might as well tell the truth!)

its a 100l tank, open top, running a big external converted wet dry eheim and lit by the old skool compact flourescents in a luminaire.
i had a t5 on it as well but that bulb crapped out and was never replaced (but will be now)
i also have the option of using LED as a contact in work is a supplier

i want to refresh this as a low light non co2 with the usual roots, seriya stone and suitable plants
what is considered low light nowadays, is there a way to have a good brightness in the tank without
turning it into an algae mess, despite my neglect of the tank it has been very stable as it is

PS - it might be worth mentioning that I have zero rooted plants just crazy amounts of moss
so there are propbably no dead roots etc in the substrate

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15 Nov 2016 20:56 - 15 Nov 2016 20:57 #2 by JohnH (John)
Nice to see you back, Four,
You'll have noticed the amount of activity is somewhat diminished from times gone past.
However, there are a few dedicated planted tank aficionados who drop in from time to time who will (hopefully) be able to advise you on this.

I recall well your tank when it was in its prime - let's hope you'll quickly get it back to that level.


ps, are you still fishing?

N. Tipp

We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl - year after year.

ITFS member.

It's a long way to Tipperary.
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16 Nov 2016 00:27 #3 by fourmations (NIall SMyth)
good man john, still knocking about
yeah facebook has knocked the proverbials out of forums,
same happened with our fishing forum

yeah still get out a bit every other week
kids getting older, damn this modern parenting lark!
im a taxi driver for the kids various pursuits!

looking forward to giving the tank another go
fingers crossed for plain sailing!


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