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16 Jan 2018 22:18 #1 by Paul177
Advice for Beginner: was created by Paul177
Hello Everyone, my name is Paul. I am new to fish keeping and looking to get my 1st tank around June-Sept, depending how i get on with saving money for buying tank etc

I would love your advice on following the questions:

1. Tankmates:
Need advice on tankmates for Zebra Danios and Catfish. Looking for fish like Cardinal Tetra or Neon Tetra that can add colour to tank. (Heard though that Cardinal Tetra and Neon Tetra are not the best beginner fish.) (avoiding livebearers at moment, as wasnt sure if might be too much for beginner, especially Guppies, which would be my favorite of the livebearers).

2. Tank:
Thinking of getting a 105 litre Aquael Leddy tank, which would be 75x35x40cm (L x W x D). How many could i add? (Was thinking of adding about 30)

3. Catfish:
What catfish should i choose with Zebra Danios. Here’s a few i’ve been trying to choose from:
1. Emerald Catfish
2. Adolfoi’s Cory
3. Bronze Cory
4. Sterba’s Cory

4. Number of Fish:
Thinking of gradually adding 10 of each. Thats 10 Zebra Danios, 10 of chosen catfish and 10 of chosen 3rd fish.
Would 30 fish be ok in a 105 litre tank?

5. Order of fish:
1. Zebra Danios
2. Catfish
3. 3rd chosen fish.

Will be adding 3 one week and 3 more following week and so on. Will be adding fish bit by bit. How long should i wait before adding catfish then 3rd chosen fish?

6. Cycling Fish Tank:
- Can you add fish a week after starting a new tank?
- Pet shops have been saying you could add fish a week after setting up.
- Should i cycle tank properly for the 6-8 weeks?

7. Plants:
Decided to add plastic plants instead of live ones, as was thinking live plants for a beginner might be too much work. But i may choose live plants sometime to the future.

8. Substrate:
Thinking of adding smooth-grained sand for catfish.

9. Ornaments:
Also may add ornaments for fish to hide in like, barrel, lantern, urns etc, that you can get in pet shops.

Really looking forward to your advice, as its really appreciated.

Thank you, from Paul.

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23 Jan 2018 21:18 #2 by Aldrin
Replied by Aldrin on topic Advice for Beginner:
Personally I would mix in some gravel with the sand, it helps with air pockets

Also I would add live plants they are actually not that difficult to look after there are many plants out there that can be easily grow. I believe live plants are easier to look after.

You can add fish straight away after a tank has been set up...its a fish cycle not a fishless cycle you would be doing, I always add fish after the tank has been running for 2-3 days. I recommend adding only hardy fish though

I would not add catfish to a tank as many catfish can grow really big, corydoras I would add, most would be fine with all types of fish aslong as they r not too aggressive

Also you can add male guppies , they add alot of colour to the tank and you wouldnt have to worry about breeding, neon tetras aren't too difficult to look after and I would consider them a hardy fish

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24 Jan 2018 13:50 #3 by Jonlate
Replied by Jonlate on topic Advice for Beginner:
Please don’t do a fish in cycle.

Rather read up about a fish less cycle, and get some used filter media from someone else to help your tank cycle.

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