Amazonia substrate? Should I use ?

07 Sep 2019 13:34 #1 by Ericg2019 (Eric Grannell)
Hi new to this site and fish keeping in general. Have 10g tank bout 8months all good. Really enjoying it so got 50g tank and in the prosess of setting up. Question is I got 20 kg of Amazonia substrate (was in a tank for 9months. Out of tank 3months now)and 20kg stone but the more reading I do about Amazonia the more concerned I become. How do you clean properly without mucking up water?
What the deal with trapped gasses?
Will I have to change it out in a year or so.
I am doing a planted tank but will be using beginner plants and don’t mind using plant fertilizer tablets or similar??
Should I just stick with stone or go for it with the Amazonia.
Was thinking of doing half one side stone and half soil.
Was thinking of keeping red tail shark some tiger barbs and maby kooly loaches
Any advice welcome

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