Just upgraded to 84L tank, ideas on what fish?

09 Dec 2007 15:47 #1 by nala (n h)
Just got myself a fantastic tank from Lidl, its Vitakraft, 84L for €80 I couldn't pass it!!! I decided to get it because previously I had a 20L and a 14L and I just wanted one big tank. Currently the new tank is half full with a mixture of fresh water and water from my old tanks. I have the filter from the 14L running in it at the minute just to keep the water fresh and airy. I only half filled the tank because I need more gravel and plants for it and there's no point filling it only to take the water back out for redecorating. At the moment it has gravel and plants from my old tanks, I figured the bacteria would help cycle it. The inhabitants so far are a weather loach, a small goldfish, 2 baby gold barbs, a guppy (who gave birth to a fry as soon as she got into the big tank!) and a small platy. That is all that will be in it for a couple of weeks til I break the new filter in.

I am wondering what I should stock it with? I am a complete sucker for bright colourful fish, I have kept neons, guppies and Siamese but with no luck, especially with the last two, they seem to be made of tissue paper. I was thinking some dward gouramis and some rosy barbs? Maybe some lemon tetras?


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