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24 Dec 2007 20:41 #1 by baz (baz)
SICK GUPPY was created by baz (baz)
Hi I have a guppy who has been recently added to my tank. Ive just noticed his tail is split and hes hovering around the top and near the filter in the tank. Is it likely his tail has been nipped by another guppy (only 4 guppies in the tank) or is he sick? The other 3 seem very playful but hes not interested.

Should I remove him from the tank only I have nowhere else to put him. My old goldfish bowl has no heater. Is there anything I can do?

Done water test:
ammonia 0
nitrite 0.05 (hardly noticeable amount visible in test)
ph 7
nitrate 0

Please help

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25 Dec 2007 01:34 #2 by mickeywallace (Michael Wallace Cath Woods)
hi baz,
guppys will chase females and on some occasions this will cause damage. Could this be a female being chased by three males, a stress related problem?

Could you tell me what ornaments you have in the tank, it may have caught itself somewhere, maybe even the filter.

I would separate it for a few days as a temporary measure but only temporary place it in a bowel where there is eight square inches of water exposed to the air. Do daily water changes and watch for any new symptoms eg change of colour etc

This could also be the first signs of fin rot

Guppys can take temps as low as 17deg but personally about 25 is better i think but in room temp they will survive.

Sorry I can't think off hand of anything else that may be the problem.

if by chance you have some tonic salt add some about half a teaspoon per gallon or a little melafix (sorry i am terrible at spelling)

feel free to pm me or post if there is any change or you have more information

Mickey Wallace & Cath Woods

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