normal death rate???

16 Jan 2008 21:06 #1 by waterdragon (claire feely)
Am I unlucky ???

72 hrs after buying my 1st lot of fish one of my dalmation mollys was floating upside down and dead.

Now 10 days later I awake to find a guppy dead.

On the same day my other black molly is covered in white spot disease.

Both fish that died looked entirly normal a few hrs before death.I have now started treating the tank for white spot.

There was no significant shift in the chemical parameters and no recent changes.

Can I expect a high death rate like this or am I the Harold Shippman of the fish world ??

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16 Jan 2008 22:21 #2 by Peter OB (Peter O'Brien)
You say that this is the first lot of fish in the tank, how long is the tank set up?

Has it been fully cycled?
Have you recently changed anything in the tank, for example a water change or you cleaned the filter?
What are the water parameters, in particular: Ammonia, Nitrite & Nitrate?

It sounds like the fish were stressed by the water parameters, some died and some developed white-spot from the stress.But if your water parameters are ok then i could be waaaay off.

Smoke me a Kipper, I’ll be back for breakfast.

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28 Jan 2008 21:48 #3 by nips147 (Eamonn Mcguffin)
it could also be that you bought sick fish which is common enough when your buyin fish at your lfs look out for a quarantine tank most good shops have them,they putsick fish in them so as not to infect the others.more often than not the pet shops i use which will remain nameless(east meath/north dublin)have dead fish in most of the tanks,not only is it bad for business as i wouldnt buy fish from a tank that contained dead ones but it suprises me that the owners leave them there and do nothing about it.pick your fish out ,study them dont pick lethargic fish guppies/mollies/danios etc are quick swimmers and should be darting about,dont just ask for five guppies and take the 5 ur given pick them out and make sure u get them good luck with the rest hope things improve

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30 Jan 2008 00:49 #4 by mickeywallace (Michael Wallace Cath Woods)
I would agree with nips147. When I buy stock I will only buy from one tank and one type of fish that will go in one particular tank. This reduces the number of variables that can be the source of a problem thus at the first sign of trouble I can remove the most likely source. I apply this rule to everything be it plant, fish or ornaments.

Can I ask what other types of fish you have in the tank???

I note the fish you named are livebearers, can I suggest adding some tonic salt (which should be available at your LFS) there has been talk about these fish being widely breed in brackish water (Guppys in particular) and the sudden change to your water could explain the stress.

Mickey Wallace & Cath Woods

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