Black Platy info?

27 Aug 2012 20:26 #1 by JSleator (Jason Sleator)
Hey All

Just picked up some solid black platys from my new LFS. Ive nevver seen ones so black, I mean COMPLETELY BLACK, eyes and all..

I never paid any attention to them in the shops before, and my main reason for getting them is they will pop really nice against the intense red of my odessa barbs.

Anyway, I know they are basic enough fish, anything I should know about them?
Im hoping they are OK with all my plants, i know they tend to nip away at stuff. at the moment they are in quarantine.

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27 Aug 2012 20:53 #2 by derek (Derek Doyle)
most all black fish (angels, moors, mollys etc.) have been developed by man and they tend to be more delicate than other colour strains. they are produced afaik by concentrating on linebreeding fish with black marks till all or most of the skin is black and as black blemishs on any living thing can be unhealthy this can lead to weak fish.
i used to breed black angels and when fry were grown on with silver or other strains they were always the weakest fish and did'nt flourish but with half black swordtails in the same scenario there was never any noticable difference with fry developement but the adults tended to a shorter life.
i would be interested to hear other opinions on this subject.

30 tanks specialise in african cichlids, angelfish and various catfish

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28 Aug 2012 12:43 #3 by JSleator (Jason Sleator)
Thanks for your very intersting information Derek.

I had a surprise this morning, FRY! One of the females I bought was as i suspected pregnant. Needless to say most of them had been killed. One of the new adults has white spot now, but i guess thats why I quarantine all my fish, so just as well. I already had treatment in the water as part of my quarantine procedure.

Im also looking forward to seeing if anyone else has further thoughts on this line breeding concept. The fry all seemed healthy (comparing to my earlier days breeding guppies) and were...COMPLETELY BLACK! I think ill try and rear some of these little guys next time there are fry from this group of fish.

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