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21 Feb 2020 20:48 #1 by Stuart75
Male Swordtail was created by Stuart75
Hi guys, I have a swordtail tank. Initially I started with 1 male and four females, over time the family has grown nicely. I have had multiple fry from the 4 females and now have roughly 20 juveniles/adults living in a well filtered (fx4) 30 gallon tank.

My question is my initial male is now being hounded by his sons, to the point that he now hides all day. I dont want him to be terrorised so is it ok to add him to my community tank where he would be the only Sword. Can livevearers live without there own kind? He is a vibrantly coloured large Neon sword that I have had for a year.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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05 Apr 2020 18:29 #2 by Stuart75
Replied by Stuart75 on topic Male Swordtail
Same thing happened to me, I had an 3 yr old vibrant neon sword hounded out by his own fry. I moved him into my community tank where he lived happily for about 8 months before passing on from old age. He seemed fine in a community of Tetras, Angels and corydoras.

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