Please No "PM SENT" Comments!

26 Sep 2012 20:58 - 26 Sep 2012 21:05 #1 by BlueRam (Sean Crowe)
Alright lads it is not that we have a issue with someone writing PM Sent for the OP to see but it is all down to posts clogging up the forum

This is a very Informative Forum and has a lot off very good info on this from now and before when the site has started that we want to keep so users and new users get to look back on it

As to help with this we cant/need such comments as PM sent comments there to add to all the space of the severs that could be taking up with some great threads

So would be great if we all could stop this and leave out the PM Sent comments as at the end off the day we do not need to send them as when a Member gets a Private Message they can see it from the top right off there page as soon as they log-in and also every time they go to the Home Page

Thank You


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23 Jul 2014 09:23 - 23 Jul 2014 12:29 #2 by JohnH (John)
In the light of the fact that we have lost - temporarily, I hope - the function which sent notification(s) to our email inboxes telling us that we have PMs received the 'PM sent' messages will be allowed to stand until the situation returns to how it had been when every one got those notifications automatically...

This is the Rules and Guidelines instruction page:


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