Sending Private Messages.

02 Mar 2015 23:45 #1 by JohnH
It has been brought to our attention that members are having problems with PMs.
After the last upgrade it has no longer been possible to send Private Messages by using a member's profile page but I personally use this method instead (sorry for the inconvenience)
Sending Private Messages.
1] Select 'Private Messages' (on left under 'USER MENU')
2] Select 'Compose' (top Right-hand option)
3] In the 'TO' box enter the user name of the person you wish to send the message to
4] Type your message into the 'Message' box
5] Select 'Send' and away it goes.

If you have made an error with the user name you can find it by choosing the 'SHOW USERS' link (in blue on the right hand side of the page).

This works with PCs but I'm uncertain if it works with a smartphone as mine isn't (smart).


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