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14 Jun 2017 09:03 #1 by Bill
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I've found hundreds of these little beasties in my bath tub. They just sit on the bottom waving their tail from side to side non-stop but never seem to go anywhere.

I'd like to know if they are a threat to eggs, fry or fish before I accidentally introduce them to the tanks with other beasties for food.
I can't find any reference in Insect larvae lists/photos. Does anyone know what they are?

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14 Jun 2017 09:19 #2 by JohnH
Replied by JohnH on topic ID needed
These are Chironomid pupae - it's the interim stage which a Bloodworm goes through before becoming a full-blown fly (what Trout anglers know as 'Buzzers'). The little 'hump' on the back is actually the wings case.

Totally harmless to your fish - indeed I believe the protein content is increased over the Bloodworm stage.

Mosquito larvae undergo a similar transformation - looking like little 'number-sixes'. scuttling down from the water surface when approached - quite funny (in their way) really.


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14 Jun 2017 17:09 #3 by Bill
Replied by Bill on topic ID needed
Thanks, John. That's the first time I've seen those, I've seen the mozzers pupae, but not these. I've scoured every "pond life" website I could find and it didn't show these on any of them. Plus, stupid me should have known having been a fly-fisher for all those years :crazy:

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