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20 Aug 2017 13:31 #1 by robert
Auto feeders was created by robert
Hi all , i have three of my five tanks set up with auto feeders , i have them set to feed at 8am ,2pm and 8pm , thats three times a day , i feed spectrum tropical in the community and have since yesterday mixed some flake food in with the pellets, this is to ensure the smaller fish get some food , i was feeding flake food manualy . Have done this because holidays are approaching. The coldwater has now a mix of tetra fancy goldfish food and some flake, the livebearer breeding tank is just feed crushed up flake , .The koipond will also go on an autofeeder once it arrives from ebay feeding a high protien pellet food . Now my question because of the total lack of maintaince while away i will reduce the amount of food fed so am i better to feed one desent feed each day or the current three feeds but much smaller amounts .Robert

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22 Aug 2017 23:34 #2 by ger310
Replied by ger310 on topic Auto feeders
How long are you going away for?....if it's only 7-10 days then have you considered not feeding them at all?....if it's much longer then can you adjust the auto feeders to dropping once every 5-7 days? although I think most of the non digital ones are every 12-24 hours only.........even at that i'd only be feeding every 24 hours sparingly............only feeding your fish once in 7-10 days can be a bit mad for some fishkeepers to contemplate but they will be still alive and well when you get back,trust me


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23 Aug 2017 16:16 #3 by robert
Replied by robert on topic Auto feeders
Hi Ger , am away for 15 days , incidently the pond auto feeder arrived today , the jbl feeders cant be set to feed every 7 days , they feed daily so spent a bit of time messing with them so will still feed 3 times a day but only 50% of what i normally feed . The pond will only feed once aday about 25% of a normal fed using wheatgerm incase temps drop while we are away

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