Plant & Fish List

18 Aug 2012 09:13 #1 by Newlands
Plant & Fish List was created by Newlands
The following is a link to the plants we received this week,

The following is the weekly fish list ,

Clown Loach
Black Neon
Neon Tetra
Red Eye Tetra
Glow-light Tetra
Cardinal Tetra
Emerald Eye Rasbora
Banjo Cat
Lyretail Swords
Apistogramma Agazizzi
Male Fighters
Jack Dempsey
Female Dwarf Gourami
Gold Gourami
Assorted Angels (sml)
Archer Fish
Red Crab
Albino Cory
Bronze Cory
Thailand Glass Cat
Leopard Danio
Long fin Zebra Danio
Chocolate Oranda
Red & Black Oranda
Weather Loach 5-6"
Black Moor
Koi 6-7
Koi 4-5
Fantails 6-7"

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