New arrivals & specials 04/04/2014!!!

04 Apr 2014 16:36 #1 by Newlands
Hi all,

Our fish of the week this week are:

Silvertip Tetra - Buy 1 get 1 FREE
Hillstream Loach - Buy 1 get 1 FREE (Hillstream Loach was on special last week and it went very well, so we got more in to run the offer for another week)

The new arrivals of this week are:

Bicolour Angel Centropyge Bicolour
Kleini Butterfly Chaetodon Kleini
Polka Dot Cardinal Sphaeramia Nemat

Apistogramma Agassizi Double Red
Clown Loach
Red Line Puntinsi Denisoni Barb
Boesmani Rainbow
Blue Rainbow
Red Rainbow
Cardinal Tera
Neon Tetra
Gourami Dwarf Male
Gourami Dwarf Neon Red
Angel Black
Angel Gold
Angel Zebra
Jack Dempsey Cichlid
Guppy Male Cobra Green
Guppy Male Variegated
Guppy Female Mix
Safron Molly
Golden Molly
Red Leopard Molly
Black Phantom Tetra
Corydoras Habrosus (Pygmy Cory)
Sucking Loach
Red Crab
Red Tail Tinfoil barb
Albino Red Tail Tinfoil Barb
Aquatis Gold Frogs
Silvertip Tetra
Golden Buenos Aires Tetra

Lionhead Ranchu 5"
Pearlscale 4"
Red Oranda 4"
Red & White Oranda 4"
Red Cap Oranda 4"
Calico Ryukin 4"
Red & White Oranda
White Oranda
Sarasa Comets Goldfish
Canary Yellow Goldfish

Blue Orfe

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