New arrivals & specials 18/04/2014!!!

18 Apr 2014 16:29 #1 by Newlands
Hi all,

Our fish of the week this week are:

Cheery Barb - Buy 1 get 1 FREE
Serpae Tetra - Buy 1 get 1 FREE

Our new arricals this week are:

Common Clown Medium
Peacock Puffer Canthigaster Margarita
Powder Blue Tang Medium
Bi-color Angel Medium


Angel Assorted SM
Gourami Dwarf Red Male L
Guppy Male Blonde
Guppy Male Cobra green
Guppy Male Cobra King
Guppy Male Metallic Blue
Guppy Male Variegated
Neon Tetra
Blue Ram
'Blood Red Male Fighter
Blue Male Fighter
Ember Tetra
Pristella Tetra
Black Molly
Silver Molly
Yellow Regal Aulonocara Beanschi
Haplochromis Ahli Electric Blue
Albino Tiger Oscar
Red Oscar
Red Spotted Severum
Bala Shark
Archer Fish
Assassin Snail
Corydoras Sterbai
Red Crab
Blue Crayfish
Cherry Shrimp
Ancistrus Cucutae
Rainbow Shark
Red Tail Black Shark
Zebar Danio
Cherry Barb


Red Oranda
Red & White Oranda
Calico Ryukin
Weather Loach
Black Moor
Black Oranda
Black Moor 4"
Red Oranda 4"
Red & Black Oranda 4"
Red Cap 4"
Red & White Oranda 4"
Sarasa Comets
Canary Yellow Goldfish

Koi A Grade 3-4"
Ghost Koi 3-4"
Koi A Grade 5-6"
Koi A Grade 6-7"
Koi A Grade 8-9"
Koi A Grade 9-10"
Grey Sterlet
Blue Orfe
Golden Orfe
Canary Yellow Goldfish

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