New arrivals & specials 20/06/2014!!!

20 Jun 2014 14:27 #1 by Newlands
Hi all,

Our new arrival this week are:


Black Angel
Gold Marble Angel
Gourami Dwarf Blue Male
Gourami Dwarf Red male
Guppy Male Cobra Green
Guppy Male Cobra King
Guppy Male Cobra yellow
Guppy Male metallic Blue
Guppy Male Variegated
Platy Hi Fin
Sword Tuxedo
Sword Wagtail Red
Tetra Cardinal Tank Bred
Tetra Neon
Clown Loach
Sucking Loach
Blood Red Male Fighter
Blue Male Fighter
Female Guppy
Bala Shark
Red Parrot Platy
Corydoras Melanistus
Albino Cory
Thailand Glass Cat
Siamese Flying Fox
Cherry Shrimp
Red Tail Black Shark
Zebra Danio
Black Phantom
Pink Kissing Gourami


Sarasa Comets Goldfish
Canary Yellow Goldfish
Shubunkin Goldfish
Koi A Grade 3-4"
Koi A Grade 6-7"

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